Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

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Re: Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

jfriend00 wrote:

I am pondering something similar for a 212 mile backpack trip where every oz of carry weight matters a lot and I don't want the extra weight of a dSLR. yet I still want to be able to capture great photos.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably get a Sony NEX-6 or NEX-7 with the 16-50 zoom and probably the Sigma 19mm prime.

To add to this, here's a weight comparison vs. the D600 + 24-85 being suggested here:

Sony NEX-7 with battery:  12.4 oz
Sony 16-50: 4.1 oz
Sigma 19mm: 4.9 oz
Total 21.4 oz

Nikon D600 with battery: 28.8 oz
Nikon 24-85:  19.2 oz
Total 48 oz

So, the D600 would be 27.4 oz heavier ( more than 1.6 lbs heavier - more than double the weight).  So, it obviously depends upon how much you really want to save weight.  You could go with a lighter D600 lens like the 18-35 at 13.1 oz, but you're still at a total of 42oz (still double the NEX).

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