How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

Lots of thoughts and good responses. Not a pro in any sense, but photography is about images. If you px peep or want precision across many aspects, that costs money. At the other end, if you want to capture memories some tradeoffs may be ok. All lenses are the result of a designers best efforts to deliver on the parameters set for that lens.

Light and compact demands different choices than than solid, minimal chromatic abberation and razor sharp.

A huge variable is your commitment to your system. Trying an m4/3 system as test to see if you like it will create different price points than if you are building for the long term.

I think expensive lenses start at $ 400. As another poster said, I make choices based upon my existing lenses and filling gaps. I wanted a good fast portrait lens, but the Oly 45 was extremely close to a legacy lens that I own and shoot, so I sucked it up and am awaiting delivery of the Oly 75.

Expensive? Absolutely. But I expect that the investment will pay dividends for years.

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