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M35G35 wrote:

Like most... been there and done that many times. Being a System Admin for most of my career, backups are your job! And like most, I have videos and picts that very valuable to me. So, I have 2 servers, running WHS, and use a freebie from Microsoft called Synctoy to do the backups. One server is primary, all work is done there first, and synctoy copies any changes to the other server. On top of that, there is an external 4 bay drive that stores another copy. On top of that I have a drive that gets stored offsite that has super, super critical valuable files. Paranoid, you bet. I have been up many hours for my job trying to restore files. I do not want to experience that at home when I have control. Yes, I have some 24TBs in total diskspace. Glad things worked out for you Steve.

Thanks. The thing I was trying to point out is that not every photographer is computer savy. I practically have to beg my wife to back up her photos even though I bought her an external drive over a year ago. My extremely artistic neighbor, who is taking her 2nd photography class, still doesn't back up her files. People either don't see the potential danger or get lazy. The real secret is automation and consistency. Every week or even every day I do an incremental backup.

Hopefully this post helped some folks who were not backing up their photo files in an automated and timely manner.

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