FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Re: FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

Ruth Lipnick wrote:

LOVE these images.

Did you feel any need to zoom closer?

I just purchased the FZ200 for a fall safari and am practicing on birds but I'm not getting the zoom I want.. Rather than fool with izoom, I'd like to know what teleconverter is recommended for this camera. I just posted the question on a new thread.

Is there a downside to using the teleconverter?

Glad to see you've selected the FZ200!  Yeah, in general CLOSER is always desirable!

I just connected my old Oly TCON-17 (via 55mm to 52mm step down) yo my FZ200 and have been enjoying the extra "zoom" ... to a point .... as I find it VERY challenging to hold it steady enough.  The OIS just can't compensate for my old man shakes.  High shutter speed and good light helps and of course f2.8.  Sharpness is acceptable when camera movement is overcome, but it's not the best.

For TOP GLASS ... the glass with class ... for front of the lens is the Nikon TC-E17ED.  I think it was in this forum I saw not long ago a fellow post examples from his on a FZ200.  If you can find one it'll most likely cost you more than the camera.  But IT'S GOOD!

As for shooting without added glass ... try the "EV" mode.  Yeah I know it's just a built-in crop, but I like it A LOT as it gives a much better view of the subject and for me it enables better focus and when reviewing quicker confirmation I got what I wanted in focus, composition, and exposure.  The FZ200' JPG's are sharp enough to take a good crop ... even with 8M EV magnification.

I'll look for your other post and add a few samples from my TCON-17 on the FZ200.


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