eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

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Re: eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

I just picked up the PQI AirCard this past week.  I also have the EyeFi X2 Pro 8GB.  Both have 'issues'.  I wanted the real time transfer ability to use with my Nexus 7 which lacks a camera and built in memory slot.  I have used both with my XZ-1.

I have had the EyeFi for a few months and generally like how it works.  This version is only a class 6 card.  It is annoying that you must have internet access to modify the card settings since I often use it far from net access, on cruise ships and camping.  The card has a tendency to flake out and give a 'card error' message on a fairly regular basis.  I then have to power the camera off and on to recover.  Mainly an annoyance since I plan to use this setup in critical photo situations.  The real-time transfer feature works fairly well and quick enough after it makes the initial connection.  The other issue I have with this card is that I cannot access it via a card reader connected to my Nexus 7.  The Nexus does not provide power through the USB port and the radio circuit on the card draws enough that the memory portion is not readable.  So I cannot download photos from the card taken when my Nexus was off or out of range directly to the Nexus.  You also cannot retroactively transfer photos of the card via WiFi.   I can readily access the EyeFi memory from a PC based card reader.

I thought about the Toshiba FlashAir and Transcend versions, but assume they would have similar behavior in my Nexus 7 card reader.  They  did not seem to offer automatic photo transfers, but they do allow you to transfer only the photos you want.

I picked the PQI AirCard since the removable microSD card would solve the Nexus 7 card reader issue. The PQI is pretty easy to use, but seems to be a lot pickier about which cameras it will work with.  It is fine in my XZ-1, but would not work in my friend's D7000 (the EyeFi card was fine).  I can browse the PQI with any ftp capable client on my Nexus.  It was more cost effective than the EyeFi. I paid $70 for the AirCard with a class 10 32GB microSD card.  It does not automatically transfer photos as I take them.  However, most times I prefer picking those I want rather than dumping every image to my limited tablet memory.  I will have to see how I feel after a few weeks of real world use.

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