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David Seys Junior Member • Posts: 43
Ink Thrift for Claria still not out

After buying a 1430 almost a year ago with the intentions of running the Cone Ink Thrift inks for Claria printers, I've now given up.

Jon Cone has given me 3 different release dates.  The last one was a 'promise' it would be out in March.  Unless he plans on releasing it the last day of the month, on Easter Day, that would mean all 3 dates he told me have come and gone.  I've officially given up on Cone inks.  I was going to switch 3 of my large format Epsons (4880, 7600, 1430) to Cone ink; the 1430 to dye and the other two to pigment.  I was waiting for the dye to come out so I could order all at once and save some cross border shipping fees.

I'm truly, truly disappointed.  I was looking forward to making the switch to Cone inks.  InkOwl (also based in Canada with free shipping) is looking better.  So what if I have to make my own profiles.  At least I won't be left with empty promises and a year old printer sitting here doing nothing.

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