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Re: Relative colorimetric vs perceptual

fft81 - I have been mulling over your comments for while and would like to express another opinion. With all due respect, photography is a wonderful combination of science and art.  Take, for instance, the science of the law of reciprocity.  We apply that science in many ways.  One might be to control depth of field (there are many others) and that points to the art side of photography.  I understand this is a printing forum so to relate it more concisely - I personally am extremely interested in the science part of digital printing - only as a goal to better apply it to the "art" of digital printing.  I am grateful there have been some great art minded photographers that were also incredible technicians.  Eliot Porter comes to mind - a chemist by training - who then applied the science of Kodak's dye transfer process to chrome to produce amazing photographic art. And of course Ansel Adams, et al.  But for me all the science simply leads me to the "wow factor" when one of my prints rolls out of that digital printer. Same wow factor when I used to make a 20x24 portrait print from film in my studio color lab many moons ago - and took one look and said "wow!".  It took a lot of science to get me there - but the art was the goal.  So take it easy on us art minded types - we just might be great technicians too.

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