Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Short answer: No

Keep using your D3 until it is not working anymore. Have fun. The IQ is there, in the photos you will take with your D3. The D3 is a highly competent camera. A Nikon of old. Excellently built, great/accurate colors, reliable. Let Nikon sort its problems out. Try to make Nikon to get the message: you simply cannot release faulty pro and semi-pro cameras, cash big money on them, never acknowledge the problems that your customers are confronting with and then to think that you're a top respectable company that cannot be made accountable for the lack of quality plaguing your cameras. And below you'll find an advice from a respected pro photographer:

"Use your camera until it dies– reconsider how much bang-for-the buck you might get out of a new upgrade. For some product introductions, you can count on significant new features and functionality – at least by the specs of the new product compared to the previous generation. But how much will you get out of these new features? If you read enough photography forums, you might get the impression that most photographers constantly need an aperture of f/2.8, a minimum of 24 MPs, the need for clean 6400 ISO images, 7-9 frames per second capability, and generous image buffer that will enable them to take nearly unlimited RAW files without a delay. Really? No doubt that some photographers will indeed make use of such capabilities more than others, but being realistic about our shooting needs is the first step in making wise decisions regarding new product introductions. If we are honest regarding our needs, we will be less enticed to jump on the bandwagon and buy more gear than we need."

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