FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Nice shots!

DaveyB wrote:

I've just come back from leading a birding trip to the Gambia for eight people.  I've been mulling for a while over whether to ditch my DSLR and take the FZ200.  I don't need ultimate quality, just need to be able to illustrate the trip report with some reasonable images and post some to my Facebook page.  I also don't have either the photographic skills or the pp'ing skills of many people on this site, as birding is the main focus - so, just jpegs, with often heavy crops, using izoom and often in harsh, contrasty light.  I know these won't stand up to any pixel peeping but I think I've found the best tool currently available for my personal needs!

A Whimbrel, one of the commonest wintering waders in the Gambia

An Osprey, again a common wintering bird

An immature African Fish Eagle

Grey Woodpecker on a mangrove stump

Blue-bellied Roller

Wire-tailed Swallow

Hooded Vulture

Pearl-spotted Owlet

Squacco Heron


Little Bee-eater

Bronze-winged Courser - a good bird to find !!

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Thanks for sharing!

I have owned two generations of Panasonic superzooms, fairly old ones now as the last one I bought was back in 2007 already.

Since then I have "moved on", as people like to say, to a DSLR.  But I regularly miss the compositional flexibility (not just the long zoom but also the macro end), not to mention the relatively light weight and small size.  And so I have regularly played with Panny superzooms in stores - but unfortunately they have gone massively up in size and weight which has made them increasingly inconvenient for my various activities (even if they remain small given the zoom range).

Thanks for your shots!  I really enjoy the compositions.  I guess I would want sharper detail but again, all lenses have their limits, and this is pretty good for such a small sensor.

Well done!

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