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I was ready to order the EPL 5, and ran into someone at a party that really praised their NEX. I had seriously looked at the NEX and it just reminded me of all of the reasons I almost bought the 5R. I am unable to get my hands on an Olympus, and would rather not purchase something online and have to ship it back because I don't like it. What are some of the less obvious differences? How well does the Olympus do panoramic, I hear Sony does it very well. Both remote flash capable? Focus during video? Anyone else go through this decision making process...

I am upgrading from point and shoot. Will be shooting my young kids( indoor and outdoor moving around), macro, and little landscape right now. But am interested in learning more.

The best camera for you would be the Nex-3n that just came out. It's 499 for the camera and the new compact zoom lens. My current cam is the nex-6 and EM-5, but I'm thinking of getting the 3n as a more compact backup that my wife can use as well. The main reasons why it could work for you are:

- better in low light then the Oly
- video focus is silent and much faster
- flip LCD screen tilts all the up for easy self portraits with the kids
- built in pop up flash, the Oly is a separate unit you must attach
- the built in flash can be titled up manually so you can do bounce flash indoors. I do it all the time with my Nex-6 and its awesome for kid shots
- very compact package and has a decent grip
- the zoom the 3n comes with starts at 24mm which is wider and better for landscapes than the the 28mm starting point for the Oly kit zoom
- neither camera is suited for macro with their kit lenses. You'll have to buy a separate lens for that.

My local best buy had them on display and I was very impressed with the handling.

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