Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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Re: Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

I have recently bought the Nikon 1.4D version used but in mint condition, and so far I have to say it is in another league compared to other Nikon lenses I have tried, the bokeh is sublime! Reading the Nikon 1001 nights:

"Mr. Oshita did not simply set out to design a large-aperture lens—he devoted himself wholeheartedly to developing a large-aperture medium telephoto lens with the ideal rendering characteristics for portrait photography-----Investigating the bokeh (blur quality) and rendering characteristics of successive generations of great lenses, discovering the optimal aberration balance,

"Since this lens used a large amount of expensive glass, it cost more to make than had been envisaged".

One of the keys here is the glass used for the D lens and probably for the G as well, there are over a 100 types of high grade optical glass, while ED glass is good for aberration purpose's it is not very transmissive. but achieving the same effect with high transmissive glass is expensive.

The thing I have noticed about this lens is the way colour in the background leaps out of the bokeh.

In short, two very good lenses that are slightly different, If I could afford it I would buy both!

PS this type of glass can cost over $1500 per kilo so, as it says in the article this lens was very well priced!

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