My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Re: My Riverwalk with an HX300

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

Steve, You may be right on the cam??  Or maybe not??

IMO without having the cam I really don't think you can make a judgement call without using a TRUE TRIPOD. Then make the call. If cam performs well with a tripod, then....
If it does not...then <mission control> we have a problem

Did you ever think that focus problems in Video at such a high zoom  could be from camera movement?

Just some thoughts

Bill, the HX300 video image stabilizer works very well and quells movement even better than the one in the HX200V. Some of the videos I shot with the HX300 in good light were very steady and motion wasn't causing the autofocus to waiver. When I put a 1.7X telextender on the HX200V, I don't get the same loss of quality and also focusing deficiencies in lower light levels. Even when the focus of the HX300 was steady at full zoom, the video looked displeasing and low in resolution.

And it isn't just a matter of using a high zoom, as many of my photos at close range, in good light, were not even passably good. As hard as I tried to get a good shot of a bunch of daffodils, all of the shots were duds. Last week, I took one of the same bunch with the HX200V and it came out nicely. The HX300 tends to over-expose in sunlight even more than previous models and I often had to lower the EV three clicks. Even then, it seemed to need something I couldn't arrange for the camera to do.

Here's one from yesterday at 35X that looks better than most of them, although not very well framed. I'm not eager to put my full-zoom photos from this camera up here and have my name attached to them. I think that other people who have gotten this model, will find out soon enough the effects of this lens at high zoom and also the over-packed sensor and perhaps other factors. It would be interesting, if the price of the HX200V went up, after a few more months has passed. What makes me wonder, is what they might do with this line of cameras next year? Could it get any worse? Of course.


Enjoying your posts.  Keep 'em coming.  I don't mind sharing the good, bad & ugly.  That's what DPR is all about.  All skill levels, all experiences.  I'd like to see the worst and the best. Hope more folks share.

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