G15 - total shutter actuations ..

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Re: G15 - total shutter actuations ..

Hank3152 wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

I'm buying what is definiitely a used one although totally Mint.. but shutter count has clerarly been Reset in-camera and I'd like to know what is the true activation count..

No one can reset the actual shutter count, only the file numbering......there are several programs to provide shutter actuations but they are mostly for DSLR bodies where there is more of a concern since there is a mirror box but I haven't seen any for compact cameras.

If the body looks cosmetically mint and the provided images look good I see no reason to worry about shutter actuations in a compact.........

Hank -

I do know that you can only reset the file numbering..very easily in menus of most.. but cannot reset the actuations..as that is a camera firmware item... but that is what can determine the true usage of a camera.. whether or not it shoiws any fault is another matter but of course it can show maybe why a camera is sold too cheaply be general standards..  and that is what I have in mind here.

But I've now found some quite older posts on here that do seem to suggest that using a folder VERS.REQ file on an SD card in camera can give the true actuations figure..This has proved to apply to earlier G' up to G12 even.. and so I'm hoping when I have the camera to inspect, it may give me a little more info that I'd certainly ike to have.. the camea counter number right now is ridicuklously low and I'm sure has been reset at some point..

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