Nex 6 just not sharp?

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post images

Some samples will be helpful to determine the cause of softness. It can be millions of things as others said

1. low shutter speed

2.high iso

3. focusing issue

4. different classes of lenses 16-50 is cheap lens if you compare to say 135/2 i would be surprised if 16-50 is anything close

5. 18 > 16 so if all is equal 7d would be producing slightly better detail

Geordie27 wrote:

I have been using the Nex 6 with the 15 to 50mm zoom lens for a few months now, but I have found that all the images are just mushy and lack critical sharpness! I am very disapointed.

I used to have a Canon 7d and when I compare these images the Nex 6 doesnt look good while the 7d is pin sharp,

What lens do you use on 7D? 16-50 is low end kit lens it cannot stand up to quality Canon L lens very well.

but when I use the dpreview comparison page if anything the opposite should be true. I am using jpeg images straight off the camera.

Is it the camera, lens, or do I have a faulty camera?

Or one of dozen other reasons.

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