My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Re: My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Bill Borne wrote:

Did you ever think that focus problems in Video at such a high zoom  could be from camera movement?

Sony claims this: quote from Sony site

*Say goodbye to blur.

Don't let a not-so-steady hand prevent you from capturing the moment. Optical SteadyShot image stabilization compensates for camera shake by countering camera movements in both horizontal and vertical directions. Plus, Active 3-Way stabilization keeps things steadier yet with digital rolling control that offsets clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, resulting in smoother videos even while zoomed in close. The result? Sharp, blur-free photos and footage in otherwise unsteady situations, like shooting video while walking.*

so i guess we expect something.

Hand-held stablization is pretty good.  Maybe slightly improved over the HX200, but I need to test them side-by-side to determine for sure.

Here's a vid shot while driving. It's on youtube, so they lowered the quality considerably, but that's not important.  Look at the stability of the movie hand-held while driving.

agreed that looks ok to me but we dont know about zoom used, using max zoom might be a different story for stills and vids.

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