First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

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Re: First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

PeterY wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

PeterY wrote:

Just because the interior was lit with flash doesn't mean there are no showy areas in a room. All I know is that areas where the 5DM2 would blow out, the 6D is not.

This depends on how you expose, and has nothing to do with the DR of the camera. And the 6D does meter and expose differently.

You are not entirely wrong, yes they most certainly do meter and expose differently. But all I know is that I would have had a LOT of problems taking these in a single shot with the 5D M2:

There are some who are challenging your claim that the improvements you are observing from the 6D over the 5DII are not due to dynamic range. You have speculated that there must be something different between the RAW image and the JPEG that DxO used to determine dynamic range.  Assuming your shooting techniques haven't changed,  and that the improvements you observe are not due to DR improvements, what indeed has changed between the 5DII and 6D? Is it simply metering differences between the two? If that was the case, apparently you needed to have operated the 5DII differently to have seen the very same  improvements. Somehow I doubt that. Do you notice the improvement even without flash? Perhaps there is a difference with how the 6D communicates with the flash units?

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