DP1, DP2 & DP3 color rendition: same or different? The truth revealed :)

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The truth?


'To sum things up, it is clear to me that Sigma changed the colour output of the DP3 Merrill noticeably when using IN CAMERA WB and WB presets. When using CUSTOM WB in Sigma Photo Pro 5.5.1, on the other hand, the output of the three Merrills is much closer to one other: so much so that most users wouldn't notice any differences at all, and that whatever differences there are can be fixed easily enough in post-processing if one so wish.'

Not so. Your test shows the AWB behaviour of the three DPM under one defined and rather narrow condition - flash, studio, same shutter speed / aperture etc.

AWB is basically an algorithm which tries to determine the correct WB by identifying a 'neutral or white' reference point under a very large range of lighting conditions.

You can't really conclude anything from your controlled tests using flash light for other (and much more common) 'natural' lighting conditions , I'm afraid.

You mention it yourself:

'while I only tested Flash WB preset under controlled conditions, casual use of the Merrills today leads me to assume this to be a general behaviour for all presets'.

Framkly, that's a bit too much 'casual' and 'assume' for my taste - most definitely not what I would dare call the truth.

By the way:  I very much applaud the effort you have put into your tests and I actually very much like your photography - but coming from a scientific background I'm very careful when it comes to truth.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the next firmware upate of the DP2M

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