About best LED Monitor for Photography and anything else

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Re: About best LED Monitor for Photography and anything else

Eddaweaver wrote:

The best LCD models are calibrated IPS panel LCDs with 8 or 10 bit colour.

Some 6 bit panels are sold mislabled at being 8 bit.

2560 pixel wide models are the ones aimed at photographers. Some come pre-calibrated at the factory.

Many of the best models aren't LED backlit.

Yeah these are the only one best is IPS but poor low lag time is not acceptable. I found more and more review getting me thinking hrm, its interesting that PLS and AMVA cannot produce banding free. Even my old TN one has no banding at all. I am wonder if there is design flaw in the PLS and AMVA they could have test further make sure that they avoid any banding at all cost? They probably has failed to. 2560 pixel is very expensive in Australia atm and no body is buying. 1920 or less is the cheapest. Australia is probably not the cheapest country in the world when buying electronic. So yeah bad luck for Australia where I live. I would not buy old inferior LCD with CCFL because they are old technology now plus power bill in Australia is very bad, it is getting too expensive to run old CCFL monitor or CRT monitor. Kinda sad is it? I only stick to monitor that is 8bit or higher. Less than 8 bit will produce very nasty banding symptom. Yeah, I have heard about mislead in 8 bit panels which is not very good. I bet less than 8 bit panel will have lower sRGB percentage in calibration result than the 8 bit has nearly 100% sRGB coverage. I noticed that Dell S2440L review is very good but when I saw word banding it start to put me off but thats because its AMVA panel that is more suspect to banding problems. I have been waiting for reply from TFT Central about banding problem in my monitor I bought which got me really annoyed. BenQ GW2750HM I will never buy anymore AMVA again after finding more new screen with AMVA in review start to say more words banding over again. It is really ticking me off big time. I hope that newer LG IPS has improved a lot over the previous version perhap better with less aggressive coating. I have bought several LG in several years and never had single problem with LG brand. And I noticed that the last version of LG IPS did very well with low input lag for games! Im surprised by that. Perhap I should stick to LG next time. BenQ GW2750HM will be sent back to officeworks and issue refund. This is no no for banding problem. I learnt a lesson after reading so much review tonight. Anyway enough of my rant. End /Rant.

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