How much is expensive lens for you??

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Interesting questions and interesting responses so far

My little m43 outfit is a working outfit but also required for recreational and family duties. Right now, the camera is the E-PL3 with the Oly 9-18, Panny 14, Oly 14-42, Oly 45, and Oly 40-150. The 9-18, 45, and 40-150 are the main working lenses. The 14 is my walk around lens but doubles as a working lens too as required, and the 40-150 also doubles as a walk around lens. The 14-42as more or less an emergency stand-by which tends to surprise me with its quality when I use it.

So for the primarily work lenses, the first criterion is that they do the job. Within reason, if they do the job cost is secondary. So the 9-18 @ $800+ did not really require a second thought except that I had to have the cash in hand. The moment I did I bought the lens because I really have to have that 9mm. The 45 was in the same category -- a must have for portraiture particularly but very reasonably priced in my mind at under $400 when I bought (which was as soon as it was available in Australia). That f1.8 aperture was and is important. The restriction of f5.6 in the top end of the kit zooms is a killer. If only they topped out at f4 ….

The 40-150 is the joker in the pack. It came a little later at around  $300 to replace the Panny 45-200. I had used the 45-200 with excellent results with the Panny G1, but it didn’t suit the E-PL3; just clumsy with the smaller camera with its poorer grip. I had noted with the 45-200 that it offered f4 @ 45 but it was just a bit cumbersome for portraiture, I found. The 40-150 also offered f4 @ 40-45 and is  very much lighter and more compact. As a result, it has taken some of the work load of the 45 and if I had had the 40-150 first, I might have been less willing to buy the 45.

My most desired lens right now is the Panny f2.8 12-35. I would wish for a little more length at the top end, but c'est la vie -- it hasn’t got it. At $1200, though, this is really more than I am ready to pay. Depending on how my little part-time business goes (I'm supposed to be retired, but hey …) in the next couple of months, I might rake up the money for that but while it would be a very useful lens and it would be a working lens, I do pretty nicely without it so it is more a want than a need.

And there is so many more good things to do with my time than working harder to get more more to buy lenses which no doubt would do a great job, but which are not essential (as the 9-18 is for the 9mm length, for example).

So I guess we are looking at a figure of around $800 for an essential lens. The 14 was a non-essential purchase given that I had the 14-42 of excellent quality available, and it cost around $250. But it has moved into my working outfit and has earned that back quite a few times over.

Interesting process thinking that through! 

Cheers, geoff

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