My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Re: My Riverwalk with an HX300

Stephen McDonald wrote:

I don't like to put model numbers in my subject lines, but this time it's necessary. It was the first bright, sunny day since I'd gotten an HX300. So I went out to give it as good a run at taking photos and videos, as I could. I spent six hours and shot a lot of scenes.

It seemed as though this camera was working nicely, as I was shooting. But to my regret, when I looked at them on a larger screen later, I wasn't able to get the results I wanted or anything close to them. This was especially true when the zoom was out near its long end. The photos I took at full zoom, do not look good, nor do the videos. The autofocus for video was slow at high zoom levels, even in bright light and would go in and out at times. In every way, the performance of this camera is very opposite the excellent service last year's HX200V has given me. I've gotten some passably-good photos of landscapes or closeup flowers with the HX300, but most shots have looked very poor.

I think that the limit for zoom lenses has been found and now it's been exceeded. The same could be said for the number of pixels on small sensors. I have restored confidence in my HX200V and recommend it as a substitute, to anyone who is thinking about the newer model. Anyone who can master the HX300 and produce good results from it, will have earned my respect and admiration.

To those who have sold their HX100V and HX200V cameras, to buy this model, all I can say is that I'm glad I've kept both of mine. I might even grab another HX200V, as the price comes down. If you think that a Canon SX50 is a good alternative, read the user reviews about its 50X lens on its Amazon webpage.

Steve, You may be right on the cam??  Or maybe not??

IMO without having the cam I really don't think you can make a judgement call without using a TRUE TRIPOD. Then make the call. If cam performs well with a tripod, then....
If it does not...then <mission control> we have a problem

Did you ever think that focus problems in Video at such a high zoom  could be from camera movement?

Just some thoughts

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