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Clean Install


From everything you've posted, the performance of your SSD is fine.

Your CPU should also be fine.

So, something else is probably impacting boot up times.

Have you tried reinstalling Windows 7 from scratch on the SSD?

That way, you'd eliminate anything the OS is trying to run at startup.

But, it may just be your expectations about what to expect, too.

Now, you can probably tweak your BIOS for faster bootup (eliminating the memory test, etc.).   Many BIOS setups have those options.

But, there is only so fast you can expect to see a machine booting, and your CPU is already fast enough that I wouldn't expect much of a jump going to a newer Ivy Bridge chipset.

So, you may want to try a clean install of Windows to eliminate any junk you've got running causing it.  That would also make sure the install is optimized for the SSD (correct partition alignment, etc, since a clean install does some things differently when it detects an SSD as the target device).

Another thing you may want to consider is going to Windows 8 if startup time is that important to you, as that it one area it's faster than Windows 7.  Basically, it's fast startup feature using something similar to Hibernate (similar, but not the same thing) to speedup startup and shutdown times.

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