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Re: part 8 -- astro (starry fields and looking forward to Comet ISON)

alexisgreat wrote:

Kim, both the moon and Saturn looking breathtaking! This lens really is sharp and it looks like it even shows detail on Saturn at ISO 3200!

And do remember that Saturn was perhaps 10 degrees above and to the right of a 3/4 moon last night, so it's not like conditions for my brand of "pulling the shots out of my astrophotography" were ideal ...

I hope it will surprise with its long exposure (starry field) performance too.

Still a half inch sensor .... but yes, it might be ok for slightly long exposures at base ISO.

The skies remain crystal clear right now, but there are many hours again until sunset, so there is no telling what we will see later.

I want to use it on that Great Comet we have coming in November (it's supposed to be the brightest comet in over 100 years, brighter than the  full moon and even visible by daylight!) Its tail is going to pass through both Saturn and Mars- what wonderful photo ops!

Yeah, it would sure be fun on a cheap alt-az mount like a Cube ...

During August 2013, it should become bright enough to be visible through small telescopes or binoculars, becoming visible to the naked eye by late October or early November and remaining so until mid-January 2014.[7][12]

Interesting to shoot it slightly wide field during the Perseids ...

In a recent study, 1,897 observations were used to create a secular light curve. The resulting plot shows the comet increasing its brightness relatively quickly at R+4.35 [Unit?].[18] If this continues up to perihelion, the comet could reach magnitude −17, brighter than the full moon.

Now that has some serious fun potential ...

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