Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

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Re: Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

tjdean01 wrote:

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Dr_Jon wrote:

I really like my GH3 and especially the 35-100 zoom, but it is significantly noisier than my 5DmkII and somewhat less sharp as a system.

I would hope so, considering that the SNR of the 5Dii is two stops better than the OM-D.

I don't think m43 is the one true camera system that some people do...

If you're referring to noise, then that really depends on your perspective and what you view as "good enough." The most recent crop of μ43 sensors are equal to or better than the Canon 5D classic and I don't remember anyone complaining about the quality of that camera when it came out (I never saw sufficient motivation to move to a mk2...maybe when my shutter wears out). That's an achievement that's nothing to scoff at. And in another few years, μ43 will be on par with the sensor quality of the current crop of 35mm sensors. Again, its all a question of what's "good enough."

If that's the case why did it take them so darn long to make something small that even holds a flame to the 2006 Fuji F30?  Good sensor at 6MP and sharp lens.  I know I'm mentioning the whole camera and not just the sensor as you said, but the sure, the Canon s100 was better and maybe the s90 but neither of them convinced me to buy meaning they weren't even that much better.  Nikon P330 looks like it might though!

I'm not entirely sure I know what you're talking about.

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