Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Ming is one of few camera reviewers who actually takes great pictures.

danijel973 wrote:

What I find annoying in the entire matter is that he is routinely referred to as "a blogger", which is a convenient way of getting around the fact that he is an excellent commercial photographer with some of the most technically perfect and beautiful results I've seen in the world of product photography. He's "a blogger" in the same way Einstein is "a mediocre violin player" or Hemingway is "an alcoholic from Florida". "A blogger" is someone who has no other distinction or qualification other than writing a blog, and to many people here a top photographer suddenly becomes "a blogger" when he criticises their camera.

In short: we need not go ad hominem. I find the Hemmingway and Einstein comparison overdoing it quite  a lot. Ming is not the Einstein of photography in my book, but I think he is very good at it. Whatever, that is completely irrelevant.

What is relevant is what he concludes and how he comes to these conclusions. He lacks skills to give a helpfull review for those who want a GH3 cam and use it to the full. He has a very personal view on ergonomics (which is okey) and he has made it clear he simply did not use the camera as much as he used others and blames the camera for it. He can blame it for his reluctance to use it, he cannot blame the cam for acting upon this feeling. That is his choice. In doing so he introduced his bias into his review.

In that sense, he comes close to a blogger and not to a reviewer I think. In this case. We should not generalise this to all his reviewing/blogging etc.

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