Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Not doing homework? Mmmm

Wayne Larmon wrote:

David Hull wrote:

The whole premise of this thread is flawed.  I found the upgrade in less than a minute:

select "buy"

Select "For personal and professional use"

scroll down to "Photoshop CS6"

select "buy"

select “Upgrade”…. answer the remaining questions there.

If you go to "Products" and then select "PhotoShop", there is nothing there but Cloud subscription propaganda.  Ever since there was an Adobe site, you did an upgrade by going to "Products", "PhotoShop", and then clicking on "Upgrade."  However, look at it now:

Where there used to be two large yellow buttons for "Buy" and "Upgrade", are now two large buttons for subscribing to either the entire Creative Suite, or PhotoShop alone.  And no information about how to do an "perpetual license" upgrade.

It is disingenuous to say that people aren't doing their homework.  It is more like bait and switch.  People should not have to traverse an entire site to find something that has been in one place for a long time but has now moved to a different place.  In the dead of night.

And again, in my experience, if you try the "chat" route, you need to fight another gauntlet of salesmanship before getting a link to the upgrade page.  I have the transcript of my chat.  I clearly asked how to get to the upgrade page and I had to answer a bunch of questions about "finding the best product for my needs" before the sales representative gave me the link.

IMO, any of the "Creative Suite" is long past maturity and, if it wasn't for needing to have an upgraded ACR to support new cameras, there is no pressing need to upgrade any of it.  Adobe knows this, which is why they are desperately trying to move everybody to subscriptions.

I realized this several years ago and attempted to get off the upgrade train by switching to a different raw converter.  (Pixmantec RawShooter Pro)  You probably know what Adobe's response to this was.

If I go much farther with this line of argument, it will probably trigger a move to "Off Topic", so I'm going to stop right here.


Yea... they have an option that they hope to get 18 x $30 = $540 versus another one that gets them $200 and you are surprised that they try to steer people toward the first one?  The point is that they did not remove the upgrade option as the OP contended, had he taken a minute to look for it he would have found it.

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