How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

I find it's a case of what the lens gets me and how much I'd use it. Considering the time and effort involved in taking some photographs I consider it worth paying for something that will noticeably improve the result, especially if I'm likely to get years of use out of it. In many ways paying camera bodies is tougher, as they have shorter lives until they are outdated (for example my GF1 was pretty much retired due to its limitations, but the lenses I bought with it are still used).

Also people have varying budgets, a £2000 lens to someone on £90K a year might be reasonable, to someone stacking shelves in Tesco a really good value £300 lens is a major investment. I'm still amazed by people who recommend lenses with 4-figure prices to people who have made it clear they are stretching to consider a £300 one.

For me the Panny f2.8 zooms (which I bought both of this Month, alas the credit card bill arrived this morning) are probably the upper limit for m43 prices, mainly as I feel the extra light gathering will be useful and for the weight saving. To spend more I think I'd only consider lenses for my FF Canon camera, as I feel the increased quality I can get there make it more worthwhile. Also due to the life expectancy of lenses I find I can buy less as I go on, once I have reasonable ones. (For example my Canon 17-85 didn't last long as I hated its limitations, the 24-105 I replaced it with, on a 20D at the time, is still my main general-purpose Canon lens today, while the 20D has been in a box on top of a cupboard for some years.)

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