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Re: Not doing homework? Mmmm

If you go to "Products" and then select "PhotoShop", there is nothing there but Cloud subscription propaganda.  Ever since there was an Adobe site, you did an upgrade by going to "Products", "PhotoShop", and then clicking on "Upgrade."  However, look at it now:

Where there used to be two large yellow buttons for "Buy" and "Upgrade", are now two large buttons for subscribing to either the entire Creative Suite, or PhotoShop alone.  And no information about how to do an "perpetual license" upgrade.

It is disingenuous to say that people aren't doing their homework.  It is more like bait and switch.  People should not have to traverse an entire site to find something that has been in one place for a long time but has now moved to a different place.  In the dead of night.

When subscription was first available, the priority of Adobe's store was on the boxed product and subscription was linked to in a separate part of the site. Adobe are within their rights to now offer that as the default option, among the other options available; they are within their rights to change their website as they see fit, so long as they do not breach anyone's license contract. They have the commercial right to promote subscription as, in their opinion, the better buy. The user has the right to disagree, and simply ignore this; just as, Microsoft are pushing Office 365 everywhere even though that is not the best answer for everybody.

You don't need to traverse an entire website, to find the other Photoshop options. You just need to know how to follow standard Web conventions for a selector menu -  a boxed button with a downward pointing triangular arrow.

Clicking the "Buy" button takes you a panel which says: "I want buy..." and next to this, it initially shows "Subscription" on a drop-down menu. The other options available on this menu, are "Full" and "Upgrade".

I don't know what their exact motivation is, but IMO they have not strictly hidden these other options, in the sense of making them deliberately inaccessible; since the menu is there specifically so that you CAN select these other options, and is recognisable as a menu, and the choices make logical sense as mutually exclusive alternatives.

They have just required the users of the site to click their mouse button ONCE on this menu.

Anyone who gives up looking for something whenever a webpage does not look just the same as it looked 12-18 months ago, might benefit from getting a little more alert IMO. No offense intended, just saying... change is the only status quo.


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