My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Re: My Riverwalk with an HX300

The Image quality of the SX50 is excellent for a pnhead megazoom, IMO best of the lot (and better than its predecessors) - It was the fussy handling and the slowness of the lens (I live in the Dull UK) which killed it for me, not the F3.5 at the wide end or the F6.? at the long end particularily but the incredibly steep curve by which it gets slower meaning you`re hanging off the IS all the time as it gets very slow very soon into the zoom range, OK the IS system is state of the art but it doesn`t stop motion ..

Regarding other options, the fast lens FZ200 is too noisy and too short for this kinda camera for me and Panny colours don`t cut it - May as well use a DSLR as use the Fuji XS1 or the old S100FS and the HS50 isn`t looking great from the samples I`ve seen (and that`s now bloated to DSLR size), the Nikons are too smudgy ..- the HX300 was looking promising from the wide shots but if its not delivering at the long end (full sizers would be nice to see) then what`s the point ?.....

I guess these things are all a compromise, you could make one superb camera out of all of them  - back to the ancient S6500 and DSLRs for me for now.

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