Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

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Re: Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

Toccata47 wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

I didn't pay what I paid to chat with plebs or view their photography. End of story.

!!!! Is this your own personal view?

Not really. It was what I distilled from the op.

Thanks for your reply. I re-read the OP and I can not find any reference to cost, wealth, status or anything of the sort, so I guess this was your own subjective interpretation.

The sad fact of photography and wealth is that wealthy photographers have historically been responsible for 0.0% of great photography. I challenge posters to prove otherwise.

Ok, I do not see the relevance of this statement. Of course you realise that it is wrong, as most successful photographers get rich eventually!

What this forum provides is a venue for generally polite photo hobbyists who are more enthusiastic than critical to motivate each other with a gentle thumbs up. As roel and others have shown, it doesn't take a red dot or a large budget to have the "right" attitude.

Agreed. As I mentioned in my other post I care about the right attitude and output. I personally have no presence on the internet except in this forum, all because of the community here. I even spent money getting a Leica so I can post here and get feedback.

Lastly, this spirit is not at all universally apparent in ever leica owner. I was given an M6 as a first camera in third grade and that genteel leica spirit still hasn't rubbed off on me!

I remember many years ago, my nose pressed against the window of the local camera store, staring at a Leica and motivating myself that one day I may be able to get one. All I could afford was a Zenit camera....

Best, D

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