My Riverwalk with an HX300

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Re: Hi Steve

Marti58 wrote:

sounds you have made up your mind, can you pls post some samples of the shots you made at max zoom and maybe some comparison shots HX100/HX200/HX300 at 30 times zoom ?

i have been looking at many real world shots of the Canon SX50 and imho they are not bad, so i think 50x can be done and work, one thing that would contribute to that,  is that Sony lowering the MP's to 12 MP or something like that.

imho its not the 50x but the MP numbers or the JPEG engine.

I expect that folks are going to learn that they are not as steady at camera holding as they think they are.  What limit has been reached and passed is the hand holding limit. And cutting the pixel count won't help that much if any. It's a trivial difference in the MP count between the HX200v and the HX300.

I also expect that the JPEG engine is overcompressing the files, as it does on the HX200v.  But that can be worked around somewhat.

And a Zeiss lens is poorly designed? That will be a shock to a lot of folks who love Zeiss lenses.

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