How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

Joseph Prawiro wrote:

1.How much in an expensive lens??  everybody has their psychological affordability i.e not everybody would buy a 100$ ice cream, or some people think leica is rightly price. the reason i m asking this is i ve been lurking rather much and this week I saw 2 post that quickly goes to 150 replies in matter of days , and those 2 are moving to FF or DSLR thread. some are very heated discussion and m43 lens "expensiveness" are rather a big part. If u are uncomfortable with number , stating which most expensive lens you think rightly price would be more ethical go ahead.

Since i started discussion i guess its only fair if i answer the question my self for me around$500 or  panasonic lens  25 f1.4 are affordable for me

Good glass has always been expensive. Canon L glass for instance is not cheap in anyway : you can easily pay between 1500-2500 for a good zoom. Leica glass is even more expensive, even for primes.

Compared to that, MFT lenses are rather cheaper. The thing is that you are bound to get more of them .. so in then end I spent as much if not more on MFT glass than on Canon EF lenses.

I'd say that by MFT standards, 800 and more are expensive glass. Personnally I find that the Panasonic F2.8 zooms are over priced for the IQ they are producing. At that price they should offer better corners.

2. What the next new lens for m43 you really want at the right price??

so most cheaper m43prime are okay for me what i really really want is a cheaper quality zoom, my kit zoom are plenty decent but like alot of people i too has GAS and even though i know it wont make my picture better i still want it something like a cheaper 12-35 albeit slower but with sharpness that close to a prime price arnd 500 is that asking too much??

Olympus is rumored to be preparing the issue of a fast standard zoom for this year still. They issued two patents for 12-40mm F2.8 and for 12-40mm F2.8-F4 lenses. I think that if that new fast zoom has really sharp corners, 800 would be a very good price. I think it will rather be around 1000... or may be even 1200.

ps: i m not trying to imply m43 lens are expensive i ve heard the argument from both side, and i couldn't care less, since i have no intention to migrate or maintain another system. everybody is diffrent i just like  to know how different 

If the two Panasonic zooms had better IQ in the corners, they won't be so over priced compared to what good glass cost in other systems.

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