Anybody experience with Fader ND Filters??

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Re: Anybody experience with Fader ND Filters??

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Posted this also on µFT forum, but I guess that Leica Noctilux shooters would probably be a good target for my question...

With a superfast lens on its way towards me, I think I will be needing some ND filtering in order to be able to shoot at large aperture in bright light.

This caught my attention : the Light Craft Workshop (LCW) Fader ND Filter (Mark ii).

It's a filter that can "fade" between 2 stops and 8 stops of ND strength.  Sounds convenient.

But of course convenience comes at a price (and I am NOT just referring to money).

The fading effect, insofar as I understand it, is created by having actually two polarizer filters on top of eachother, with an interaction creating the different stops of density.  That sounds like it would degrade image quality more than just using a regular 2stop ND or a 4stop ND or and 8stop ND.

Does any of you have experience with this kind of filter?  The brand in question or others?

(I will also experiment with the filters I already have : my ND filters are of the square Cokin kind and I am not too happy with them, but I have a reasonably good circular polarizer in the right filter size, so I will try how that one works for starters: it's between  1 and 1.5 stops of density.)

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VND comes with two prices: Monetary and IQ.  While Singh-Ray is considered better (the best?), and more (most?) expensive, VND comes with some "well-known" characteristics.  A lot of people, particularly pros, swear to their greatness.  Obviously, stacking two LPL/CPL filters will lead to some trivial behaviors. It's not my cup of coffee.  I drink green tea.


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