Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: Pris...and Steve (the forum member)

pris wrote:

I think we see a language barrier in action... "almost" - I don't think this word means what you think it means. Same goes for the expression "don't fool yourself" which you obviously misunderstood.

More specifically, I think that his use of the word "almost" probably would be best interpreted as "most always", which is actually an understandable transliteration of the word.

I also agree there is a misunderstanding, and perhaps a language barrier. I do think though, that perhaps the misunderstanding is not on the part of Vu Dang, but rather yours and Steve's.

I don't think that Vu misunderstood the expression "don't fool yourself". His reply of "fool?" in the context of what bofo777 said, would better understood as  "how am I fooling myself?", (in direct response to bofo777's "don't fool yourself")  Again, he's not calling anyone a fool, on the contrary, he is responding to someone else's use of the word.

Next, his question, "how about your money spent for gears?" is more accurately a statement that the cost of the SHG lenses and and E-5 body do not justify the results, explaining why he doesn't feel he is fooling himself because the OMD is arguably a much better choice. That statement is in no way taking anyone to task for choosing to spend their money a certain way if one were inclined to do so, but merely pointing out the fact that for a majority of people who have budget restraints, cost is a legitimate mitigating factor, and the OMD is a better alternative.

His other point, mentioning full frame, is a very valid one, and it ties in with his first point to show that often this forum sacrifices credibility in it's rush to defend the four thirds dogma. Basically stated, if you are defending the use of the E-5 and SHG lenses, versus the OMD for low light photography, you are contradicting most of the longstanding arguments against full frame, namely, size, weight, cost and image quality, another valid point.

I'd like to also say that if my understanding of his meaning is correct, your bitingly sarcastic reply to him can easily be taken as pretty rude, especially in light of the guidelines that precede the posting window where one types their reply, "The basic rules for discussions on dpreview.com are simple: be polite and civil..."

Looking at it from Vu's point of view, you have probably insulted him and Steve appears to be making light of the fact and agreeing with you.

http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51176161, "Another monitor-cleaning event avoided...since I have learned, from prior experience, not to drink my morning coffee when reading posts here.".seemingly giving his tacit approval.

Not the best look for prominent forum members and a good object lesson as to why this excerpt from posting rule number 5, "If you think someone is wrong it may be because they are new. Don't jump on them, think first", may also need to include the possiblity that one doesn't speak the language as well as another.


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