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Re: Color managment - Please sticky if worthy

Brian, you are correct.  When I worked for Kodak, all of their professional thermal printers had internal calibration tables that were user "loadable".  Kodak supplied a calibration utility (software) that would let the user calibrate the printing system (printer + media) back to the factory aim.  The software supported both visual and instrumented (densitometer) calibration, with instrumented preferred.  The philosophy behind it was that it was cheaper for a user to calibrate the printer than to build a custom profile for the printer/media.  Once the printer was operating at "factory aim", the factory supplied ICC profile was valid.  While still somewhat true, spectrophotometers such as the ColorMunki have come way down in price, so that it now is practical for a professional user to build a custom profile for their printer.

Simon, I liked your explanation that a monitor profile consists of two parts: a calibration LUT that gets the monitor to the proper white point and gamma, and the actual "profile" that models how the device (monitor) handles color.  Most people don't understand how a monitor ICC profile works. Great explanation!

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