How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

Joseph Prawiro wrote:

danijel973 wrote:

Not a bad set of questions. Well, what is an expensive lens for me, it depends. I would usually draw a line at some 800 EUR, because that's how much I usually paid for my Canon lenses, but I would probably draw a line somewhere at 2500 EUR and not buy a lens I need, if it's that expensive; I'd try to find a more affordable option.

I guess it depends where you are coming from, if you re used to L/ FF lens prices m43 will be a bargain, if you are upgrading from compacts then m43 lens will be rather steep

Well, a good lens is a good lens, but I would certainly separate "wants" from "needs" and avoid options that are needlessly expensive, ie. I bought 85mm f/1.8 instead of 1.2L, and I bought 17-40 f/4L instead of 16-35 f/2.8L. But if I decided that I really need something expensive, 2500 EUR would still be a line I wouldn't cross. It's just too much money for me to pour into something that doesn't make me money. The last piece of gear that I bought in that price range was a 5d body.

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