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Re: Feisol CT3442

alFR wrote:

I'm thinking of buying a 3442 as a "one size fits all" solution for hiking, travel and macro

That's exactly what I bought the 3442 for. I wanted a tripod small and light enough to take out for day and not feel hard done by if it didn't get used. I looked at the smaller Traveller-style tripods and went with the ct3442 because the leg sections were thicker in diameter.

Could either of you 3442 owners comment on the leg rigidity?

The 3442 has been more than rigid enough for me, but I've always had lightweight gear (small DSLR, 70-300mm consumer-grade lens at the most). The last leg section has never been any concern. I suppose I could complain that it takes a little longer to set up/put away.

If you're using heavier gear (FF DSLR, 300mm f4 etc...) it might be wise to err on the side of caution and go 3-sections. Of course, a decent head (ball or otherwise) would be an absolute must in that case, and more likely to be the weaker link than the thinner leg section.

The bottom line is that every tripod is a compromise of some sort.

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