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Jeff Kott wrote:

Joe, as long as you're in the mood to answer "dumb questions I have been wondering about" ( I know that I'm making an assumption here), I've got one.

Do you need to use a lens hood when using a polarizing filter? I may be wrong here, but don't polarizing filters prevent light from coming into the image at sharp angles. If so, why would you need a lens hood?

If you don't mind me butting in...

A polarizing filter cuts out reflected light from most shiny surfaces but won't affect direct light. Sunlight at the edge of the field of view, for example, can cause flare and ghosting, but won't be removed by a polarising filter as it isn't reflected light - it's direct sunlight.  So the presence of a polarising filter doesn't remove the need for a lens hood under conditions when you might get flare (in fact if the polarising filter doesn't have high quality coatings to prevent this it may make flare worse, like any poor filter).  Many lens hoods have a small gap in the top that you can poke your fingertip through to rotate a polarising filter whilst having the lens hood on.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

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