30" Monitor or Dual 24"

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Re: 30" Monitor or Dual 24"

+10 to Birk

Birk said " I think it's a matter of personal opinion.  I've been using 2 monitors for a long time and would never go back to a single monitor.  I like the ability to move all the various toolbars and button boxes off my main screen so I can maximize the size of the editing image on my primary screen.  Certainly this requires adjusting to "looking at 2 things at once", but this was not a difficult transition for me and, as I said, I would never go back to a single screen even if it were huge. "

Now for my opinion. 2 24" would be great. I too would never go back to 1 monitor.

P/S and LightRoom are great on 2 monitors. I have used 2 since XP and now have Win 7 64bit.

It does not take an expensive video card and I have never had any problems setting them up.

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