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Re: Gerrand.... that photo was a poor choice

Marty4650 wrote:

With all due respect to the very talented folks who submitted their efforts... not one of them is significantly better than the original photo. In fact, many are worse.

Ray... the whole problem here is that you submitted an outstanding photo. So they played with the background... converted it to B&W.... or cropped it.... but no one actually created a better result than your original shot.

Next time... give them a really crappy photo, and watch how they can work wonders on it! Because they really are that good.

Hi Marty, I really appreciate your feedback + compliment on my photo, well ya see + I'm not trying to be Bigheaded or Vain but most of my pics are fairly good straight out of camera + the reason being is that my Photoshop editing skills are very Basic so my motto is get it right as near as possible in camera.

Now I love posting here + have being doing so for many years + I've built up a kinda rapport with the members here + they've certainly Helped me in the past when I've made errors in camera + I would have been totally lost trying to fix it myself + they give me ideas forĀ further shots Oh yeah plus its Fun + from the comments IĀ receive I get the feeling they really enjoy working on my Imgs.

So again thank you kindly for looking + comments.



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