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Re: Square format Superiority

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1) Why are camera sensors not square? Surely a square sensor is the most efficient way to get the best out of a lens?

2) Does using a Polarising filter reduce the Dynamic Range of an image taken in sunlight with a digital camera?

3) Why do most cameras have IQ reducing AA filters when the few cameras that don't have them jump in IQ and moire is nowhere to be seen in 99.99% of the images?

4) What is the optimum resolution for small camera sensors? High resolution sensors seem to add significant file size for little discernible improvement in resolution, so what is the cut off for a functional and well rounded small sensor?

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A square sensor would be the most versatile format and more expensive than the rectangular.  The reason that the rectangular format rules is its clientale, amateur photographers. High end pros had been using a square format for the last 70 years (at least).

Photographers that worked with square format, appreciate its advantages and the level of creativity and versatility it offers.

Nah! Use of square format on 120 film was more a matter of graphic designers not being able to make up their (damned) minds about how they were going to use the shots at the shooting stage...

.... they always demanding loads of crop-ability so they could try out different layouts....

... before EVENTUALLY settling on something they could change their minds about !!

Seriously, it wasn't anything to do with photographers. And wasn't anything to do with producing SQUARE pictures either. Square pictures look horrible, and photographers know that better than anybody!

In real life Hasselblad and Rollie shots were invariably cropped to vertical or horizontal rectangles before use. Hardly any pictures were actually printed square...


To name just a few, check the sites bellow:

... except in articles endeavouring, with limited success, to show images where the square format was LESS than disastrous!

Again wrong, most high end wedding photographers had used a square format.

We used to shoot weddings square, but we didn't PRINT 'em square. Oh no!

Just yo name a few: Monte Zucker

So what!? Mr. Zucker wasn't photographing for any of OUR wedding clients. They were our bookings, not his'n.

Hmmm.... Perhaps you should take a look at the wedding portfolio at that address. Out of the first dozen shots, only one was SQUARE.... ( a Eurasion Bridal with lovely lighting) but that would have been better cropped a little at the sides, making in slightly upright.

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