Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

TimHar wrote:

I understand you concern about future of Pentax.

It might be understandable, but fortunately it's not well-founded. I don't see see - for example - any FF trend, APS-C is and will remain mainstream for many years; likewise, I don't see any trend of retailers leaving Pentax (and I'm talking 2012-2013 here).

I would like to add that many third party lens makers are leaving Pentax like: Zeiss, Voigtlaender even Tamron does not make the latest models in Pentax mount.

We should not forget this happened when Pentax belonged to Hoya; cost cutting, downsizing, being prepared to be sold - one doesn't gain market share this way Things are changing now, for the better; but it's a long, difficult road.

The global economic climate didn't help, either; I'd guess it was harder for niche 3rd-party lens makers like Zeiss and Voigtlander to support all but the highest volume mounts. The K-mount should be especially difficult for them, as we have the excellent, well-crafted Limiteds.

I have Pentax K-5 and I like it a lot, for the next year I'm fine with K-5 and in future I expect and I want a Pentax FF camera. I don't understand why are some guys here so upset and angry if FF and more pixels are mentioned.

Who is upset and angry about Pentax making a FF? Which will most likely happen, as Pentax started talking about it; just not in the immediate future.


Have fun,


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