a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Allan, :)

Allan Olesen wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:


You have a point.      But, perception is reality.

Yes, perception is the problem.

Problem is , PROs  have been using manual strobes a lot longer vs TTL.

and is "still" the most effective when you are taking the same shot in the studio.

As I said: You can do this with a cheap adapter.

Are pros really so helpless that this is an insurmountable obstacle for them? How did they become pros, then?

It's actually not a problem.

It's about what will attract NEW customers to SONY  ..  which benefits all Sony users in the end.

Obviously  Sony has made the calculation that  the  MIS  Hot shoe  will attract New Business, and that "that" Business is larger than there Current Business they now have.  Well in DSLRs  that is probably a no brainier.

There is probably some issues that was solved by this MIS that cuts across everything they do.  And we might be just looking at it thru the prism of just cameras.

And what they "was" doing  ... obviously was not enough.

Sony might have  realized they did not want to Squander  there  opportunity for market share (Here and Now) by doing the "BETA max"  thing.   and did the smart move to Hot Shoe and SD.

So, the transfer of adapter expense goes to the base of old users that "may or may not" want to use the new flashes or cameras.

New customers will all love the MIS  ...  so, for Sony there is little downside.

sucks for legacy users ..  but it would not be the first time in electronics.  just saying.


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