Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

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Re: Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

I am pondering something similar for a 212 mile backpack trip where every oz of carry weight matters a lot and I don't want the extra weight of a dSLR. yet I still want to be able to capture great photos.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably get a Sony NEX-6 or NEX-7 with the 16-50 zoom and probably the Sigma 19mm prime.  When you add in some spare batteries, this kit will be significantly lighter than my dSLR alternatives, yet still be an APS-C sensor with pretty good performance (actually performs better than my D300, though obviously not the same as the D600 sensor, but if you're going smaller/lighter, you have to give up something).  My reasoning for adding the prime is to give me something that is sharper across the entire FOV at large apertures.  The zoom will produce good results in good light with nice flexibility, the prime could be used at larger apertures.

Since you sound like you might be OK with a single fixed prime (something I was not OK with), you might also consider the Nikon Coolpix A since it's also APS-C and reputed to have pretty nice performance.

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