Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: Yes, and I hope Sigma will make it...

HBowman wrote:

Yes but a f5.6 lens... some expert know this is ok but the mass will not buy it. If it is not 2.8 at least ... even if it is unusable at f2.8 ... they will be very confidential sales.

The DP1m doesn't sell that much compared to the two others.

If I were SIGMA, I would have kept f4 on the DP1m. with a slightly wider focal lens. The DP1x for that matter (and the older) is made in this way.

So yes, closing the diaphragm is a solution too... but commercially void.

And 9432 battery !

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They can do it f4 easily. I only used the 8-16mm example to shut up people saying that angle of incidence makes it impossible, that it need special tele-centric designs or whatever. Making such a camera IS possible.

Now, making it 18mm f4 would be great, 20mm or even 21mm f4 would be very good as well. Of course, the lens size will be closer to the DP3M's lens size than that of the DP2M.

About marketing, well, first of all I don't think the DP1M is selling so much less than the other Merrills. While many people gets the DP2M only, there are many people who buy the DP1M & DP3M duo, and there are many people buying all three. There are even people I know who only have the DP1M. If you have Sigma sales numbers proving what you say, please show them and I will shut up

Besides, people buying the DP Merrill series in general aren't a majority anyway; I think Sigma would be wise in expanding the range, because the Merrill concept of hgih-level, high-IQ compact cameras is simply a winner in today's marketplace and Sigma has a very unique leading position here so far. See how Fuji, Nikon, Sony, etc are trying to enter this market? If Sigma is smart and they will develop the Merrill concept, they'll keep owning this segment of the market for a long time. Otherwise, it will be very tough for them to compete with the big guys once Nikon, Sony, Fuji and then Canon, Olympus etc will decide to step in - as they are already doing.

So, IMHO it will be very worth it for Sigma if they produce such a camera - I don't see a problem there. I know many Landscape photographers would be all over such a little WA machine...!



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