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Re: The Pentax FF is coming

Simon Devlin wrote:

I can't understand why they don't actually just wait until you can buy it and use a film camera in the meantime. Time spent on the film camera is worth a lot and you will learn a lot especially if you buy one like I did which doesn't even have an exposure meter!

I shot over 700 frames yesterday afternoon -   I was using an FA 50, and FA 77 LTD and a Tokina 28mm K (not even A series) . There were years in my film shooting career where I didn't shoot that many frames.

Then there were the images which were compromised because I bought cheap film to save money because I was shooting a lot. I only use memory cards once and file them, and 700 shots costs me about the same as 2 rolls of film and processing.

Then there are the places where I lost shots or broke the flow because I had to swap recording medium more often the cameras wasn't ready, or the medium wasn't loaded properly (yes I have gone out with no memory card in my digital camera, but I had more film load failures).  And a settings mistake with the camera didn't show up until the film came back from the lab.

And a film print is only as good as the enlarging lens which makes it. Scanning some of my old prints shows just how soft poor some of the labs I used were (and the hand made prints I paid a premium for are noticable better). You always lose some resolution and sharpness making a print which is why my APS-C prints beat my 35 mm prints

If you shoot film you have to scan it to use a "digital darkroom" or work with a wet darkroom and though B&W is easy , colour is difficult to master.

So I think everyone can learn a lot about photography from film, but going back from a K5 (Or frankly a K10D) to film ? Every now and then I see Pentax 645 film cameras going for next-to-nothing on ebay and I think "I could buy one of those" and realise that I'm sentimental for the days of film but I don't really want to shoot it again.

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