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Re: Colors

yvind Strm wrote:

A bit of truth in that. But, with normal shooting with my SD14, I hardly do any PP (including color correction). The colors are pleasant, and very usable. However, product shots and art repro where correct colors are vital, is a complete other ballgame. It is boring to have to profile the camera for every new setting.

Unfortunately, I have not so many pictures up at the moment.

Some here (thumbnail only):

Sunset, SD14

Sunset, SD14


Very nice, Øyvind...I like it a lot, especially the "underplay".

I feel this might be a perfect vehicle for me to, once more (...pfhew...) try understand what are you guys talking about, regarding "inbuilt sharpness". Can you tell me what the PP was on this one and send me a full-sized file my way? (...watermark it for peace of mind, if you want.)

...Because, to me, that jaguar photo posted above is pretty impressive, technically-wise and I don't think a Foveon DSLR (including the now aptly priced, superior performing Merrill SD1) could come close to what is going on there, "perceived sharpness" included.

Why is the jaguar photo impressive?

1. The light is mostly "flat" and, yet, on my calibrated Eizo CG243W, the animal just "pops" out from the photo, with an almost "3D" quality to it.

2. The colors palette is a mute one and, yet, there's no color cast what-so-ever in the photo.

3. The "perceived sharpness" (..."perceived" because I don't have access to the full sized photo but can already appreciate what goes on at 1.600px...) is neither "undercooked" or "overcooked" but, instead, aptly caters for that overall "3D" effect.

4. The power of the 1DMKIV AF (...and, mind you, the 1DX is even vastly superior in this department...) can clearly be seen by the discrimination it managed to achieve between the animal's features/patterns and the surrounding fore and back planes, full of perfect lines for an AF to pick on.

What saddens me is that, as a community, you managed to turn Foveon from a technological solution into almost a cult, by "seeing" things that are not actually there, while ignoring the blatant limitations it encompasses.

You've done so by twisting reality up to a point whereas you guys actually say with a straight face that having to resort to other systems to accomplish what you're really after (...when you know what you're really after...) is actually a bonus, because it correlates with "diversification".

You elevated that denial practice up to an art form, one that had it's superior, mind-boggling,  surreal validation when you actually managed to convince the manufacturer of the products, themselves, ( delusionally patitng them on the back in a disastrous autistic reinforcement loop..) up to the level of entrapping them into coming up with such an absurd, absurd price-point for the SD1 that only a painful commercial "reality check" could have (...and has...) issued.

If Tim Michin was into photography you guys would be so busted...


(...with respect for both you guys and your photography something, I fear, may sometimes not come across with my choice of words...)

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