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Re: D7200: More Megapixels, more DR, or improved high ISO IQ?

jonikon wrote:

OK, the D7100 and it's 24MP sensor is a done deal, and there is no improvement in dynamic range or high ISO image quality, which I found disappointing after all the pre-release hype. There are  just more megapixels to make birders and pixel peepers happy, but what about the rest of us? ...

Personally I would like to see virtually no noise (grainy or otherwise) at lower ISOs, even in out of camera JPEGs,  while still retaining sharpness, color accuracy, and also some improvement in dynamic range. I don't think this is too much to ask for in a $1200 body!

I think there actually is some improvement regarding noise, but you need to downsample and give up the gained resolution to see it. But usable DR at low iso for single-shot HDR-like use has in fact deteriorated due to banding. Maybe in the next generation they could at least fix banding  For the following one, they could bring back another lost thing, the fast global electronic shutter   And by the next one, they might pull through the diffraction colour filtering that supposedly increases sensor efficiency by a stop... but who knows what the adverse side-effects will be and how many generations would be needed to sort them out   

And there are many things they could do in processing...

  • Better wide-DR processing (ADL extension), with a choice of different presets that could be applied over a taken NEF, for instance to emphasize the highlights, the shadows, or the midtones
  • ADL which wouldn't underexpose raw data 
  • In-camera HDR which would align images, and which would store source NEFs & let you re-process them with modified tonemapping parameters (the way some smartphone HDR apps do)
  • Highlights recovery to improve the look of blown highlights, the way it is done in LR4/ACR or RT4 
  • Smart low-iso NR, which could easily fix noisy skies with the current sensors, and cure banding in wide-DR processing too
  • An additional ETTR metering mode
  • Some sort of raw RGB histograms
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