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The Leica Forum and British Democracy

Nich0las wrote:

There are so many different forums on DPR - from Open Talk to Street or Landscape Photography and then all the different manufacturers. One thing that always appealed to me about the Leica forum when I used to be a regular in the Canon forum was the civility of contributors and very high quality of images.

The quality of images is a combination of factors - one being the Leica look that comes from Leica camera bodies but probably more the lenses, the second from the photographers that use them. Photographers who use Leica hardware tend to have gone through GAS and love the quality and simplicity afforded by Leica gear. We tend to be more experienced overall photography-wise, less concerned with gear and more concerned on the images produced.

There are many DPR members that come here either openly or stay in the shadows and appreciate both of those things - the civility of members and quality of images. Once you start accepting posts from other manufacturers you do start to lose a little of the essence of the Leica forum and it starts to become more of an 'Open/General' forum. You also then don't get the consistency of the 'Leica look' and also from the Leica forum members - Louis, Peter, Gianluca, David, Hugues, Choi, Misha etc... I would also say that overall the quality of images posted here is higher than that visible in other forums because of all the above factors and the years of experience behind many of the forums regular members.

In saying that I don't mind occasionally having guests post images from non-Leica equipment in order to get feedback or constructive criticism from Leica forum members - because by and large instead of focusing on the negative aspects of an image overall the comments do tend to help a photographer improve composition/processing etc... - I myself am very thankful for the feedback that I've received here.

The hard part for the mods though is where do you draw the line? If we allow 2 posts from other hardware for feedback/constructive criticism one day, then the next day you have 10 you begin to lose the essence of the Leica forum I feel, so it is easier to just say keep it Leica related and if you want to give feedback or want to seek feedback visit another forum...

All of us here share a common love for photography but also appreciate the philosophy behind Leica cameras and lenses - and it is those two things that make the forum unique.

Just my $0.02.

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What we need here is a good old fashioned British fudge.

Lets look at the British Democratic systems as a guide to the future of the Leica Forum.

British democracy is often held in high regard, yet our second chamber - The House of Lords are completely unelected. Similarly our Sovereign, the Queen, has ultimate power over Bills passed by the House of Lords/House of Commons, [she even has the power to go to war] and of course she is also unelected.

Our great democracy is not pure, our constitution is a fudge, based on years of power struggles, compromises and unwritten laws.

And yet.......and yet it - kinda works the way it is.


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