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Documensony wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

"KMZ 1946.  The KMZ factory is ready to begin production.  The enthusiasm of the workers - the men and especially the women - is remarkable.  And the German assistance is invaluable".  This is part of a Russian contributed historical article and I don't think it is "tongue in cheek" but merely a statement of fact. I doubt if the German assistance was entirely happy or completely voluntary.  However it is devoid of humour or of triumph and glory - it is simply a statement of fact and a seemingly honourable acknowledgement that technical assistance was sought and obtained by however means this was obtained in practice.

Nice quote. But it may be added here that the Russians considered several German Zeiss factories in the Soviet zone as being 'war compensation'.

The plants manufacturing Contax and other cameras and lenses (and many other optical products) were simply confiscated, then dismantled and all parts were transported by train to Kiev and other Soviet destinations where everything was then rebuilt like before.

So much for 'seeking and obtaining' technical assistance...

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'Spontaneity is enabled by rigorous practice'

I am sorry that I might not have nade it clear that the Russians regarded the machinery, stock, raw materials and designs as war reparations.  What is less clear were that German technicians were involved in setting up the new factories in Russia.  Just as much as other Zeiss technicians were whisked away by the western allies into their zone to set up another Zeiss factory there just in case the cold war became a hot war.

What I am less clear on is how Carl Zeiss Jena re-commenced manufacture in East Germany if most of their machinery etc, and technicians were no longer available.

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Tom Caldwell

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