Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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Re: Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

p m h wrote:

Thanks for the super informative reply - really appreciate that. Especially the following part of your comment matched with my observation of pics (available on internet) taken with 1.4G.

" but I need to say that the D could take some more creamy

portraits because the oof corners of the image looked more messed than the G which lead

the eye towards the face more on D than the G. I also have the suspicion that the

transition from in-focus to oof (from eye to the ear zone) in the D is nicer and catches

the attention of the looker while on the G seems more clinical."

So based on your and others input i am deducing the following:

* one will be able to achieve better focus accuracy and reliability (thereby more keepers) than 1.4D as long as AF-C (and parhaps AF-On) is used. Focus speed is either equal or slightly slower than D.

Exactly. D cannot do microadjustments in AF-C because the focusing method doesn't

allow that. D is more speedy but that is useless generally. In small distance cahnges

the speed is the same. And although slower, the G can do better sports because

the D focusing is inaccurate anyway. The D speed is faster if someone focuses from

MFD to infinity which is not a use case.

* Sharpeness is better but can come with a cost (for the purpose of portraits). However, some of it can be mitigated using postprocessing (e.g., blurring the corners), while some of it cannot (transition from focus to out-of-focus)

In general it is far better to get a "natural" blur from the lens than in post.

* G is warmer, has more contrast. However it is possible to go back to D look (if needed) using postprocessing.

* The G handles backlight better which is great improvement over D.

The G is incredibly resistant to flare. I never have saw a gost or haze, ever in sun inside


In general the G is an incredible lens and I'd say it is cheap for what it can achieve.

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